Funny White Flour Shirt

A war has been brewing in your pantry. White chocolate, dark chocolate. The tensions are rising. Brownies, lemon bars, macarons. … More

Broken Presents

The holidays are upon us and you know what that means. Exploding french stadiums and derailed trains. That’s what Christmas, … More

The Irony of Why

I can’t think of a good snack for myself. I’m just at a loss for what to eat. It’s funny. … More

Fruit Punch Drunk

Some think the universe is made up of tiny strings. Other believe microscopic gravitational loops are its foundation. Chances are, … More

Gentle Sarcasm

I like to fancy myself an observer of human behavior. Eh, I just like to fancy myself. Period. End of … More

Killing Sprees

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Holiday Nonsense

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Phone Fraud Idiots

Every weekday morning a call comes in on my cell phone. Every single morning except Saturdays and Sundays. It always … More

Copyright infringement is an interesting phenomenon in present day society. It’s always existed, but never like it does now. I … More

Shore Enough

There are a lot of wonderful things about where I live on the Jersey shore. Not the least of which … More

I’ve been getting into the show Bob’s Burgers lately. Originally I dismissed it as stupid. And it is stupid, but … More

Subtle Santas

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