Suicide: Because You’re Worthless Shirt

suicidefunnytshirt Your friends won’t tell you. Your family won’t admit it. Your gymnastics coach simply isn’t Russian enough to say it to your face. But we’re going to be honest with you. Because that’s how much we care. We simply can’t lie to you any longer.

You should kill yourself. You add nothing of value to the world and you’re not very attractive either. You have no talent and your somersaults are grade school level at best. The truth hurts. We know. We don’t want to fuck you. And neither does anyone else. And we certainly don’t want you making babies. The last thing the world needs is more homely, below average intelligence, clumsy fucktards like yourself.

Look… we love you. We really do. But you’re stupid, useless and unattractive. So please, just go away forever. It’s the right thing to do.

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