Funny T-Shirt Buyer’s Remorse

buyersremorsefunnyshirtThis T-Shirt Seemed Funnier When I Bought It. In the world of buyer’s remorse few things are more regrettable than purchasing what, while you were stoned off your ass, seemed like a really funny t-shirt. Only to later discover, come the next morning. Weighed down by the bitter cloak of sobriety that last night’s hysterical socio-economic satire, which you found so conveniently preprinted on a loose fitting, poly/cotton blend hane’s beefy t,  is at best a mediocre joke. And just a little bit too liberal for our current political atmosphere if you prefer to keep your skin and bones bullet free.

We know you didn’t mean anything by it. You were just desperate to be funny enought to get laid by some bar chick. But those Trump supporters with the large gauge rifles might be somewhat less forgiving.

Border walls aren’t built on sunshine and clever puns. They requires tweets. Lots and lots of tweets. And a good supply of t-shirts that are much funnier than yours.

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